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Key User & Digital Enabler Asia

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Required Skills:
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Job Description


Key User & Digital Enabler Asia



  • Monitor and oversee the supply chain planning and execution systems and processes by:
  1. Identifying, communicating and mitigating potential issues thereby significantly increasing SCM KPI achievement and customer satisfaction
  2. Ensuring adherence to Pharma standard processes and run monthly and yearly routines
  3. Implementing systems, process and business model changes after approval by central/regional functions
  4. Supporting audits of local master data, processes, interfaces, etc. in close alignment with central functions
  • Oversee, monitor and ensure the quality of master data, transactional data and system interfaces and reinforcing regular data cleansing efforts
  • Act as first point contact for End Users (Forecast Managers and  local Supply Managers) and Local Key Users by:
  1. Providing A-Level support for end users
  2. Being a contact to B-Level support, i.e. create support tickets for local or global support units
  • Training / Communities
  1. Ensure onboarding and training of new end users and continuous training of existing users
  2. Delta training of end users in case of systems and process changes
  3. Run Regional Key / End User Communities
  • Process and System Change Management
  1. Represent end users in PH key user community
  2. Inform end users about new developments, new requirements and process changes
  3. Be regional contact for projects
  • Be the discussion partner for the Sales Affiliates and Regional Distribution Centers on supply chain systems and processes. Maintain close contact to all relevant stakeholders in the Region, Countries and SCM Platform to improve supply chain processes and ensure optimal SCM KPI’s
  • Digital Agenda
  1. Support the fostering of Digital Enablers in Asia, i.e. work towards creating Digital Mindset & Skills, driving Data as an Asset, employing Flexible and Agile Technology, optimizing Digital Delivery &  Collaboration and strengthening the Digital Ecosystem & Partnerships, while considering the context of Region Asia
  2. Keep the SCM community Asia up to date with mature tools through effective training, easily accessible learning platforms, provision of training materials and ad-hoc guidance
  3. Explore tools supporting and enabling the Digital Roadmap PH PS in Asia and identify internal and external learning platforms for these tools
  4. Support the rollout of strategic and IT-related projects (e.g. Data.One, interfaces to distributors) in the region
  5. Deepen our collaboration with internal and external partners
  6. Ensure cyber security and IT compliance
  • Identify innovation opportunities in RSCM Asia and the Country SCM functions, prioritize and submit to innovation programs or realize opportunities within RSCM I+S


  • Possess good knowledge on Pharma business processes with minimum 3 years of SAP experience in APO, P2R, P4S and other modules
  • Has a proven interest in IT, SAP, analytics and innovation with profound knowledge of processes & systems (SAP P2A and ERP + BW)
  • Possess strength in trouble shooting, problem solving & high degree of proactivity
  • Possess lateral leadership skills in cross functional environment with excellent communication and presentation skills in English
  • Is results-oriented, highly motivated, structured and able to take stress
  • Able to travel with knowledge in project management know-how