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Environmental Specialist

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Job Description


Environmental Specialist

Roles & Responsibilities

This is a contract position, bus pickup points at: Boon Lay, Bukit Batok, Clementi, Choa Chu Kang, Serangoon, paya lebar.

Four core and one backup roles and responsibilities of this position:

  • Develop, implement and maintain company, local or international authorities’ environment programs whichever is stricter to ensure adherence to all laws, regulations and guidelines.
  • Lead environment management to align with company direction – green field:
    • Waste management – waste water treatment, solid waste disposal, chemical waste disposal and others
    • Energy management to improve carbon footprint
    • Toxic, hazardous and flammable substances management to prevent pollution
    • Process water treatment and management – water treatment, water recycling and others
  • Develop and implement various initiatives to upgrade plant as a green and environment friendly workplace.
  • Coordinate and work closely with third party Pest Controller to prevent pest infestation at CPS plant.
  • Back-up role in Safety & Health to ensure S&H program implementation and requirement compliance meeting legal & corporate standards as well as promoting a safe work place for the associates.

Leading role in developing and implementing Environment Programs

  • Key leader in developing, implementing and maintaining Environment Management System, ISO 14001 and KORE
    • Set environment policy and standard through Safety & Environment Manual
    • Establish environment system through procedures.
    • Conduct audits periodically and follow up meeting to enforce effectiveness of environment system.
    • Organize and conduct training programs, campaigns and provide updates to all departments to upgrade their awareness and knowledge.
    • Guide visitors (contractors, vendors, etc.) to follow environment requirements.
  • New requirements such as Carbon Footprint
    • Lead Company in developing and implementing new local or international requirements such as LEEDS Certification.
    • Plan and organize resources and budgets enough funds to support implementation of new requirements.
    • Work closely with all departments for training, new procedures preparation and follow up implementation
  • Work with authorities and professional bodies to enhance environment friendly workplace
    • Liaises with local authority officer in plant inspection, close none compliances (if any) and follow up implementation of all action items.
    • Arranges regular trainings to upgrade awareness and knowledge of all the staffs
  • Support various campaigns which are organized by local authority / professional bodies.

Lead environment management to develop CPS plant as a green field

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)
    • Develop, implement and maintain WWTP operation system to ensure quality of discharge effluence comply with local authority requirements.
    • Minimize COD, BOD and Total Dissolve Solid (TDS) of trade effluent to acceptable range before discharge.
    • Train, coach and develop WWTP operator
  • Solid and Chemical Waste
    • Liaise with third party to dispose solid and chemical waste according to company and local authority requirements.
    • Measure, monitor and improve Solid Waste Ratio and Solid Waste Recovery / Recycling Percentage.
  • Energy management
    • Measure, monitor and improve Energy Usage Ratio such as Electricity Usage Ratio or Fuel Usage Ratio.
    • Work with all parties (Operation teams and vendors) to improve energy usage through good practises, energy saving / friendly devices and others.
  • Flammable and hazardous materials management
  • License holder of Toxic, Flammable and Hazardous Materials. He/she to apply and comply with local authority (NEA) requirements.
  • Liaise with local authority in factory inspection – such as chemical usage, storage and disposal compliance.
  • Train and work closely with Operation Team to setup storage and handling procedures

Process water treatment and management

  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
    • Develop, implement and maintain WTP operation system to ensure quality of water comply with KORE before it is release for production.
    • Train, coach and develop WTP operator.
  • Water Usage
  • Measure and monitor Water Usage Ratio periodically
  • Check and work closely with all staffs to achieve Water Usage Ratio
  • Initiative to work with all parties (include vendors) to improve Water Usage Ratio through recycling or reclaiming processes.

Pest Control

  • Work with third party to implement and ensure pest control programs are in place at all time.
  • Monitor and appraise performance of pest controller before renewal of contract.

Backup role in Safety and Health Management System

  • Safety Risk & Environment Aspect/Impact Assessment and Management
  • Training & Communication including developing tools and program to ensure HSE message is consistently and regularly delivered.
  • Lead or assist the conducts of monthly WSHE committee meeting
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining Safety and Health Management System, OHSAS 18001
  • Put in place programs to create a safe environment for employees and other parties
  • Involve in the implementation of campaign or program to raise awareness and build safety culture.


  • Degree in Environment Engineering or Process Engineering
  • Language: Intermediate / advance level of English
  • Computer literacy in Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word.