Job Title

Assistant, Library

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Required Skills:
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Job Description


Assistant, Library

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Perform quality check on digitized materials
  • QC of digitised files.
  • Using of Adobe Reader and/or other software to detect OCR errors and other abnormality and report them for corrections.
  • Checking of digital content stored in hard disks/server. Task includes: * Check that the file content can be opened and viewed * Ensure digitised files conform to NLB’s digitisation specifications.
  • Check that the file extensions are correct
  1. Assist in the general support work and other duties as assigned by NLB supervisors
  • Using Microsoft Office to update data as requested by supervisor.
  1. General Admin Duties
  • Assist in the general support work and other duties as assigned by NLB supervisors/staf
  • Process purchased library material of 800 vol per team per day
  • Process 200 vol of Legal Deposit items per day
  • Process 100 vols per day of Gifts & Donation items respectively
  • Process 10 files per day of government records daily or 2,000 pages per day


Must be computer literate and capable of working on computer applications i.e Microsoft Office Applications * Minimal

Language Proficiency: English as the main language with Mandarin, Malay or Tamil

Other language: Ability to read and understand Chinese or Malay or Tamil will be an advantage.

Keen eye for details, able to work independently and in a team environment.

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