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Roles & Responsibilities

  • To handle management reporting and financial reporting/ analysis
  • Communicate with auditors and support in preparation of statutory financial statements
  • Enhance work processes and internal controls
  • Ensure compliance with corporate directives and accounting policies
  • Assist in financial analysis, budget and forecast
  • Undertake any ad-hoc assignments, projects and analysis as require

Requirements ~ Prepare accurate and timely financial statements.
~ Calculate taxable income and the income tax liabilities of the organisation.
~ Calculate the cost of different types of capital financial instruments and the overall costs of capital for the organisation.
~ Compile accurate tax-related information for the organisation.
~ Compute the valuation of business and financial assets using different models.
~ Ensure the respective privileges and rights are in place within the accounting information system for users with different job roles and functions.
~ Extract data and provide analysis for management using relevant accounting information systems or software.
~ Implement policies and procedures with emphasis on internal controls to prevent possible fraud and errors.
~ Maintain accurate journal entries and allocations.
~ Manage accounts payable and receivables to help the organisation determine working capital needs and funding strategies.
~ Operate accounting information systems efficiently and effectively.
~ Participate in budgeting and forecasting activities.
~ Plan and coordinate the annual financial audit process.
~ Prepare asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analysing account information.
~ Prepare financial statements and disclosure notes.
~ Provide accurate and timely tax and financial reports to the relevant authorities.
~ Provide data in relation to assets, capital rationing and cost of capital.
~ Reconcile accounts and provide analysis for the organisations financial transactions.
~ Resolve issues and deficiencies arising from audit findings.
~ Respond to internal and external auditors on audit data, variances and audit findings.

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